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Jim Le Fevre

Also mustn’t forget the excellent Jim Le Fevre and Malcolm Goldie who saw Heavy Pencil out with a big bang at the ICA on the 27th May.  This video shows how those who came along created zoetrope magic on Jim’s set up.  Weiyee Cheung and Boyd made this excellent video.


East End Pencil

Ah it was magic.

Heavy Pencil Lives

I have neglected these pages but am happy to announce that whilst Heavy Pencil is no longer continuing at the ICA it will live on.  Hurray!

aaah! Tomorrow!!

Mr Squiggle

Boyd a regular at Heavy Pencil showed me the wonders of Mr Squiggle.  What with Rolf Harris and Mr Squiggle Australia really has led the way in the ‘can you guess what it is yet’ drawing!

Heavy Pencil East

Last week also saw another Heavy Pencil East at Catch 22 which by all accounts was a feast of live music and drawing. Andrew Rae is the fella behind it and the lovely poster below.

I believe that’s Adrian Johnson on the right who did HP at the ICA last year.  The photo was kindly sent to me by Weiyee Cheung who along with her fella Boyd is a loyal HP supporter! Thanks Weiyee.

Last night was amazing

First they made a pencil.

Then they made some gloves.

Jiggery Pokery in the flesh

Iain Woods in his final spectacular outfit to match his spectacular voice.