Andy Potts post pencil interview

What did you think Heavy Pencil would be like?

Like having a very public mental and creative meltdown…with a few pints.

What was it like?

Like having a very public and mental creative meltdown. No, It was a lot of fun, really enjoyed working with John and mixing up our styles to our selected playlist…with a few pints. A really good crowd turned up and there was a great atmosphere.

When do you work best?

I’m a bit of a morning person so earlier in the day after a healthy injection of caffeine jet fuel.

Pen or pencil?

Both. Although I relied on my brush pen a little more on the night.

What did you draw as a child?

Usually spaceships, future cities and Indiana Jones.

Do you work to music?

Yes, headphones on means I’m going for it.

Can you play an instrument?

No, never felt I had a musically creative bone in my body, although I love music…hmmm.

Who are your favourite artists this week?

This week I’ve been looking at the work of illustrator Nick Dewer, who sadly passed away last week, and good ol’ Van Gogh, the Royal Academy exhibition was impressive.

Is studying at the right place really important for illustrators/

I think the ‘right place’ can help you make headway in the industry but it’s more important to be in the right place with the approach to your work and enthusiasm to succeed.

What’s the best thing you learned at university?

I learned that I really wanted to be an illustrator. I got excited about using different approaches and styles and found a new way of looking at my work. It was the basis for a visual language I’ve since continued to develop.


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