Hand Wash Studios Interview

Yann Brien aka Hand Wash Studios was one of the four illustrators to come down for last week’s Heavy Pencil in the theatre, he’s in the photo below with Rose Stallard.  And here is his interview.  What a nice fellow.

What are you working on today?
I’m just about to finish the little calendars I’m preparing for the
pop-up show on the 18th of december at the East Gallery. I am also working on a  series of new geometrical prints which should be ready at the beginning of  next year.

What are your main sources of inspiration?
Weird people and geometry.

What did you draw as a child?
Spacemen, mostly.

Do you work to music?
Generally not, as I have a very poor attention span.

Can you play an instrument?
I could play a few chords on a guitar a long time ago. I was in a couple of very obscure bands but we never played live. The last one was named Cyclostar and we had issues due to the fact we all played so badly. We rehearsed one song for 6 months and disbanded out of desperation. Mind you, I was in another band before named In  The Bus and we managed to record a track which ended on a 7″. This seminal  song called “Radioactive Coffee” never made it to the charts and the name  probably explains why…

Who are your favourite artists this week?
Art: Ray Johnson, Bruno Munari and John Baldessari.
Music: Moondog, Daniel Johnston, Sonic Youth, Eric Dolphy.

How important is music to your work?
The lyrics are an invaluable source of inspiration, but I tend to keep  both separate.

Is studying at the right place really important for illustrators/

Not in my view, although certain places provide you with better  connections than others.

What’s the best thing you learned at university?

Screenprinting, most definitely.


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