Interview with Rose Stallard

Rose Stallard is the co-founder of Print Club London which has been providing artists and designers with an afforable screenprinting studio in East London since 2007.  They’ve quickly become known for their summer exhibitions involving long lists of some of the best illustrators and designers in town.

She is leading the illustraton team for this Thursday’s Heavy Pencil with Simon Bookish and below are her answers to the 9 questions.

What are you working on today?

My new poster for Print Club’s ‘Pop Up Shop’

What are your main sources of inspiration?

70’s bands, fanzines and old music magazines.

My last two magazine buys were off eBay: Zigzag – the rock magazine (no 3 july 1969 2 shillings/40cents) and ARK – Journal of the Royal Collage of Art (no 36 summer 1964 3 shillings/75 cents)

What did you draw as a child?

I spent a lot of timing drawing Freak Brother style comics for my friends.

Do you work to music?

Yes a lot of the time, but I like listening to This American Life (, which is a really good talk show about people’s lives.

Can you play an instrument?

Yep…Electric guitar (BASIC!)

My last band was called 10 Miles of Bad Road

Who are your favourite artists this week?

Music: Noah and the Whale

Art: Michael Perry

How important is music to your work?

I would say it’s my main inspiration.

I always seem to end up doing work about bands or members of bands. ( I’ve tried to divert but always end up back there!)

My latest was homage to Gram Parsons.

Is studying at the right place really important for illustrators/ designers?

Probably not.

What’s the best thing you learned at university?

How to screenprint.


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