Interview with Danny Sangra

I thought it would be nice to get to know the illustrators involved in Heavy Pencil a little better, so here is the first interview which is with Danny Sangra who will be with us for December 3rd.

What are you working on today?

I am in Madrid painting work for my new show. I just drew a picture of a Pretzel. I am also doing a special image for The Prodigy

What are your main sources of inspiration?

There is a wood near my house. In the wood there is a small house owned by a woman called Ethel Bernstein. She makes inspiration soup from Fox tails, moon dust and supernovas.

What did you draw as a child?

Everyday people and superheroes

Do you work to music?

Yes almost all the time. I use it to change my mood or keep my mood constant. If I am working on the same image for a long time I play the same music or the same track on repeat until I’m done

Can you play an instrument?


Who are your favourite artists this week?

Music:  Dave.i.d   (video below)

Art:  Rob McNally and Chrissie Abbott

How important is music to your work?

It’s imperative for the imagination and inception of image invention

Is studying at the right place really important for illustrators/ designers?

No.  I believe you have to be around the right people and involved with stronger creative types in order to reach a higher level and understanding. If its a harder challenge you see what you a really capable of. It’s more important being in the right city.

What’s the best thing you learned at university?

That high marks does not mean you can make it in the real world. From what I have seen it has nothing to do with expressing yourself it is a matter of ticking boxes so you can leave.

It’s a place that should be used to acquire basic skills and meet other like minded people. It is not the finish line by any means.

This image will be a Print Club screen print in a few weeks time:


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