David Lloyd of V for Vendetta

Yesterday was November the 5th and to my great pleasure we were able to persuade David Lloyd co-creator of V for Vendetta with its Guy Fawkes mask wearing (anti) hero V to come along.  In a departure from most Heavy Pencils so far, David’s selection of music relating to the comic book was dramatic and often classical, giving the ICA bar a sinister air.  It really was a pleasure to watch and unlike any other event so far everyone was rapt from beginning to end with some cross words being exchanged whenever anyone stepped in front of someone else’s view!

There were a lot of enquiries about buying his sketches which he is going to auction on eBay with the proceeds going to charity, I will post the link as soon as it’s up.






2 thoughts on “David Lloyd of V for Vendetta

    • heavygemma

      Well December will be a big jamboree in the theatre with live band, two lots of competing illusrations, audience parcipation – the works! Come on down! 3rd Dec

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